Leo 5.2 theme custom


thanks guys in leo-editor@googlegroups.com :

  • Terry Brown
  • john lunzer

make me know how to custom Leo theme step by step:

  • old versions myLeoSettings.leo appended buttons :
    • at leo/myLeoSettings.leo#Startup-->Local buttons
    • need copy from leoSettings.leo
  • so my custome flow as:
    • try edit some node
    • click …
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jump into SSD with Yoesmite


不解释, 人家都免费给你升级了哪!


~ 嗯哼,各种关键记要,不进行解释了...


$ brew install npm
==> Downloading https://homebrew.bintray.com/bottles/node-0.12.2_1.yosemite.bottle.tar …
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再见了 Python

原文: Saying Goodbye To Python

This post is long overdue; this isn't a declaration of intent (any intent was long ago made real), just my reflection about my own path. I left the Python world a long time ago but I never took a chance to say goodbye.

While …

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Mavericks 中用 sshfs


自从 2011-12-16 入手 MBP 以来,就发现只有 sshfs 来连接各种系统的硬盘最方便

  • 依赖少, 双方有 ssh 就好
  • 配置少, ssh 服务的启动没有 smb …
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