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On Literate Programming | Surely I Am Joking

对于文学化编程,俺使用的是 Leo :


  • 丢失了全景思考
  • 程序不仅仅是文本
  • 人的语言/认知 至上
  • 痛苦的导航


  • 目前并没有一个,可以真正统一人的思想以及程序代码形式的编辑方式/环境

但是,目前为止,在代码的语法结构维度之上,可以给予我们一个可以自在记录原始思路的编辑方式,应该只有 LP 了; 从俺使用 Leo 进行各种编辑/编程 的体验而言

  • LP 其实是关注包含时间维度的代码的变迁过程,而不是简单的精细化切分
  • 其实,到最后看起来是碎片的代码片段,以及关系,并不是从一开始就形成的
  • 而是在开发的过程中,逐步抽象 …
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CI is hard!

Buildbot, the venerable Python continuous integration server, has the reputation of being complex and difficult to set up.

After spending a couple of weeks deep in Buildbot land, I’ve come to the conclusion that this reputation, while true, is only partially deserved. That is, Buildbot is complex, but only …

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What to write

Tech docs can take a bunch of different forms ranging from high-level overviews, to step-by-step walkthroughs, to auto-generated API documentation. Unfortunately, no single format works for all users; there’s huge differences in the way that people learn, so a well-documented project needs to provide many different forms of documentation …

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