PythonisT happy guido ;-)


后来, 好容易一个蠎年了! 为了蠎年的 PyCon2013China, 启动了

再然后,Twitter / stephanie__yu: @gvanrossum

  • 我蠎女神搭讪 Gudio 成功
  • 当年的蠎衫,老爹竟然一直在穿!
  • 于是又火了四处求购的呼声!
  • 然后,也没有然后了…

最终, 金山赞助了PyCon2013China 珠海+北京场, 俺就果断使用了封藏的设计,给所有来参加的行者 …

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On object-oriented programming


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[written at the end of 2013 AD, during the Dark Ages of programming]

The programmer’s world is full of fads and superstitions. Every now and then there will be somebody who …

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Tests and static analysis


Ever since I made a static analysis tool for Python called PySonar, I have been asked about the question: “What is the difference between testing and static analysis?” I just replied to a comment asking a similar question, so I think …

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